Wanneer is dan? — Filip Anthonissen + Miaux (live)

Exhibition / Concert

Thu 05.10 → 18:00-00:00     Fri 06.10 → 16:00-20:00     Sat 07.10 → 11:00-18:00     Sun 08.10 → 11:00-18:00

Between surrealism, virtuality and melancholy: Filip Anthonissen
Presenting ‘Wanneer is dan?’ Filip Anthonissen collects different fragment in which a certain melancholy arises every time. He creates intriguing spaces, searching for a confrontation between the real and the surreal or virtual world. The images often appear artificial, empty and forsaken, yet betray a sense of absent presence – as if they carry with them both doubt and desire.
Anthonissen spends most of his time behind the computer, designing virtual spaces. That self-imposed isolation reflects clearly in his work. The images feel desolated, a whiff of imprisonment and of longing for contact prevails. There’s a certain inertia or slowness that tries to get hold of the visitor in order to build expectations or promises that might or might not be kept. Because time and space play such important roles, he rather shows his work as an installation, so digital images can conversate with the real world. Anthonissen got his degree MA Animation at KASK, Ghent, this year.
Thu 05.10
21:00 concert Miaux
On the opening night, Anthonissen’s yearning images not only confront the surrounding space and reality, but also connect with the warm yet alienating sound of Miaux. The Antwerp-based synth-mystica called their last album ‘Hideaway’, perhaps a hopeful note for this evening.
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