Ser Humano - Nástio Mosquito

Installation, with Vooruit

Wed 27.02 → 18:00-…     Thu 28.02 → 11:00-20:00     Fri 01.03 → 11:00-20:00     Sat 02.03 → 11:00-20:00

An intense video installation about undisclosed borders
A video is shown by two projectors on a white rectangle wall. The video is a compilation of found footage showing African people, black males pushing at the fences of undisclosed borders with an accompanying dark and intense soundtrack, and political text on the floor as well as on the wall opposite of the projection. A scaffold is also placed in front of the opposite wall of the projection. Viewers can take place on the scaffold or in the room, being constantly surrounded by text and sound.

Image © Vic Pereiró

Multimedia artist Nástio Mosquito is known for performances, videos, music and poetry that show an intense commitment to the open-ended potential of language. Easily misread as a kind of world weariness, it is the extraordinary expression of an urgent desire to engage with reality at all levels.The festive opening will be accompanied by a mesmerising drum performance by One Man Party, AKA Steve Slingeneyer. Be on time, it starts at 21:00!
Part of SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, an international festival about decolonisation and identity organised by Kunstencentrum Vooruit, NTGent, CAMPO, Gouvernement, Black speaks Back with the Africa Platform of the Ghent University and AFRICALIA.
This event is free.
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‘Ser Humano’ (2015)
Audio-visual installation with scaffold, lights, vinyl stickers
Video by Vic Pereiró
Music by Nástio Mosquito
Courtesy © Nástio Mosquito