Residency presentation Christian Bakalov

Residency moment

Wed 24.04 → 20:00-23:00

The twilight of the highly anticipated trilogy
While pushing and blurring the boundaries between performative actions and installation, Christian Bakalov designs different methods that introduce the audience to a poetic universe by personally addressing them via the senses. This is where ETERNIA comes to life, a trilogy originating from Spinoza’s concept of eternity which is also closely linked to life and death. Bakalov’s residency bathes in shaping and unfolding the conclusive part.
‘ETERNAL’ is a collective ritual that gauges the essence of human condition through experiencing heightened intimacy and inescapable intensity. He triggers a special experience by operating sensory collusions between visual and body matters in a common art procedure, in which the audience has equal responsibility and function.Besides performing for artists such as Ivo Dimchev or Miet Warlop, the Brussels-based Christian Bakalov creates immersive installations in which the public, performers and installations play an equally important part.
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