Presentation Interne 8 Thomas Nolf

Residency Moment

Wed 15.11 → 20:00-23:00

Presentation Interne 8: Thomas Nolf
Interne 8 Thomas Nolf (1986°, Kortrijk) is finishing his masters degree in photography (Visual Arts) at KASK/School of Arts. In 2017 he published his first book “Peculiar Artifacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an imaginary exhibition”. He lives and works in Brussels. The talk and lecture are part of his residency presentation.
20:30: Lecture
21:00: Talk with Laura Herman
“The work of Thomas Nolf  examines the ways in which national myths are formed, instrumentalised and frequently suppressed. Confounding fiction and documentary, fabled event and scientific enigma, his work looks into how nation-building ideology influences modes of storytelling, and vice versa. Nolf handles his subjects with a close appreciation of narrative and its ambiguous relationship with veracity and considers the ways in which heritage and eroded beliefs can be re-established and repurposed.
For his long-term project “Peculiar Artefacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an imaginary exhibition”, Nolf’s point of departure was the so-called “Bosnian pyramids” and other disputed historical sites and artefacts. Nolf proposed an exhibition that would exploit the stories and objects surrounding the “Bosnian pyramids” to the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Even if Nolf’s project-based practice is driven by a pragmatic desire to formulate alternatives to the status quo, he poetically engages with particular sites and times, from the promise of a desirable ancient past to the current funding realities devastating cultural institutions in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina while, at the same time commenting on photography’s rhetorical qualities and its —at times deceptive— relationship to representation and truth-telling.” (© Laura Herman)
Laura Herman (1988°, Brussels) is a curator and writer whose work focuses on spatial infrastructure; organisational models, and affective architectures. She is currently working at La Loge, a Brussels-based space dedicated to contemporary art, architecture, and theory.
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*INTERNEN is Gouvernement’s residency program focused on research, experiment and leaving comfort zones. Participants will be granted 4 weeks of investigation in an embryonic process. Be it very first steps or off-track manoeuvres, the accent lies on development rather than on result. It’s about trying, failing and trying again.