Presentation Interne 3 Atelier Bildraum

Residency Moment

After 4 weeks of residency within Gouvernement’s ‘Internen’ program, Atelier Bildraum is hosting a presentational event on june 2nd. For this occasion they invited two artists with whom they share a close affiliation: COTWL and VALID LOVER.
Together they’ve put up a “concertperformance” in which each artist contributes. Parallel to this, Atelier Bildraum will offer 2 screenings of 1 ongoing work and present new visual work.
19.00 : doors & apéro
20.00 : screening Musée Moule (max 25p – 15″)
20.30 – 22.00 : concertperformance by COTWL, VALID LOVER & ATELIER BILDRAUM
22.30 : 2nd screening Musée Moule (15″ – max 25p)

Atelier Bildraum (Charlotte Bouckaert and Salembier Steve) entered the “INTERNEN” residency program* on 09.05.2016 with a triple focus.
– Continuing their ongoing research on the intertwining of image, space and time, they aim to define a series of new concepts and explore these in situ.
– In addition they will initiate a more theoretical research into the concept of ‘control’ in relation to exhibitions. A series of interviews with people from different disciplines will take place in order to create a first referential framework.
On 02.06.2016 Atelier Bildraum hosts a presentational event to conclude their residency.
documentation of the residency: link
* “Internen” is Gouvernement’s residency program focused on research, experiment and innovation. Participants will be granted 4 weeks of investigation in an embryonic process. Be it very first steps or off-track maneuvers, the accent lies on development rather than on result. It’s about trying, failing and trying again. There are no restrictions on disciplines or themes