Partisan + VVOVNDS


Partisan + VVOVNDS
Open: 19:30h

Activity 1: Concert
Subject 1: PARTISAN
Definition: Post-punk inspired sound, led by noisy, yet clean and bright guitars and driving bass. With (ex)-members of Rise and Fall and Oathbreaker.
Personnel: Cedric Goetgebuer, Ivo Debrabandere, Thijs Goethals
Origin: Belgium
Start: 20:00
Reference: link

Activity 2: Concert
Subject 2: VVOVNDS
Definition: “swallowing nails // spitting riffs” or dreaming really fast, as Bill Murray would, for almost half an hour.
Personnel: Pieter Blancke (D), Kristof Mondy (B), Simon Pertz (G), Jenci Vervaeke (V)
Origin: Belgium
Start: 21:00
Reference: link

Activity 3: DJ-Levy
Subject: Assorted Sound
Start: 22:00

Contribution: € 7
Note: This is a twin release-concert for both bands debut albums on Hypertension Records