Pan Daijing and TTBWRS

Concert / with Vooruit

Thu 14.12 → 20:00-23:00

Haunting electronica earcandy

By Pan Daijing, support by TTBRWS
The Chinese musician and performance artist Pan Daijing has one foot in the Berlin art scene and the other in its music scene. Her music is the perfect symbiosis of dark noise, unsettling drones and broken beats. She flashed onto the radar in July 2017 with ‘Lack 儐糧’, released on the renowned PAN label. Daijing sees the album as the epic finale to her improvised and often raw and intense live shows.After releases on Noisekölln and Bedouin Records, ‘Lack 儐糧’ is Pan Daijing’s first fully-fledged LP. For the album she spent the past two years collecting field recordings and recordings of live performances in Europe, China and Canada. These recordings form the basis for the record. The result is an industrial opera in which narrative forms are chewed up and spat out. Her hardcore performances – with references to BDSM, horror movies and techno club culture – left audiences reeling at festivals such as CTM, Sonar and Atonal.
Pain Daijing will reside at Gouvernement for three days, where she will work on a new performance. During her residency she will explore the intimate and the ritualistic and the borders of catharsis and noise.
When coming up with new work, the duo TTBWRS – read: TITI and BOWERS – ground themselves in the temporal and spatial context in which they will perform and explore this in conjunction with a specific societal issue. The two artists create performances that only work in the context for which they are conceived, such that the creative process is different with each project. TITI and BOWERS start out with a common idea and from there they ply their own routes within the same context, providing each other with feedback along the way. Rather than pinning everything down, they leave room for improvised interactions during the performance of their creation.
Sound and movement are central to their performances rather than being either foreground or background elements. The borders between disciplines are neutralised. TITI and BOWERS evoke questions whose answers are sometimes subtly hinted at in their performance.Tickets 5 € presale (7 € at the doors)
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Organised by Vooruit and Gouvernement