Mary Ocher / Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

Concert / with Vooruit

Wed 31.05 → 20:00-23:00

The Berlin avant-pop queen goes solo

Mary Ocher
Avant-pop hero Mary Ocher releasing ‘The West Against The People’ on Klangbad might give her the award of best album of 2017. The album, produced by Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust), can rely on contributions of Your Government, Die Tödlichte Doris and Felix Kubin. Ocher describes it as “a document on social indignation and the deconstruction of our identities as citizens.” Theme’s like geopolitics, immigration and alienation of the consumption society connect everything throughout the album. Ocher also wrote an accompanying essay about it.
Her songs are collage of raw folk, Velvet Underground-like garage rock, plastic synthpop with hints of African rhythms and ethereal ambient. In those politically charged musical bombs, Ocher’s unique voice remains central, a voice that evokes echoes of goddesses like Grace Slick and Kate Bush. Mosow-born and Tel Aviv-raised Ocher recently spends time in Berlin, where she also occupies herself with video art, poetry and visual art.
Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and producer Alien Observer worked together for ‘SWINGS’, a diverse collection of songs in which the performer exposes his feelings, from countertenor a cappella to piano electronica. Meirhaeghe calls himself a “self-proclaimed narcist” and uses the ego as main subject of his work. Moodswings between irony and sincerity lead to an iconic performance which could be described as a critique on the concept of ‘concert’.
Alien Observer is a concept of Laurens Marien (BE), also know for his work in Soldiers Heart and NEIN. He started Alien Observer to work with diverse artists: performers, designers, painters, sculptors, etc. Those co-operations have the aim to connect several disciplines with each other.Tickets 8 € presale and at the door
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Organised by Vooruit and Gouvernement