concert / slam poetry

◿ Join us to celebrate MOM becoming 10! ◺
◿ Music / slam poetry / hiphop ◺
za 02.10 – 20:00 (doors) Theaterzaal De Vooruit
€8 (add) / 5 (vvk)
Dutch & English gesproken
90 min.
Mama’s Open Mic is one of the biggest and most influential platforms of ‘word art’ AND a safe space for emerging and more professional artists.  Moreover, Mama’s Open Mic is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2021 with an explosive show in which it flexes its creative muscles.
Join us to celebrate ‘MOM becoming 10’ and check the sneak peek into the future that awaits her. Together with some of MOM’s favourite artists ‘we throw a party’.  And stay tuned, they might come and celebrate in your city soon…
◿ “Mama’s Open Mic is a community where everyone can be an artist. It’s all about LOVE and creating a safe space aka no negative -ism and phobias: racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, etc. at Mama’s house!”
organisation: Mama’s Open Mic, Gouvernement & Kunstencentrum Voo?uit
Image by © Mama’s Open Mic