Liquid dreams by Simon Baetens

Theatre, with KASK Drama

Mon 06.05 → at 20:00     Tue 07.05 → at 20:00     Wed 08.05 → at 20:00     Thu 09.05 → at 20:00

An unravelling performance without on-stage performers

Liquid dreams is a journey through imagination, dream worlds, (virtual) reality and the interface of hard- and software which we use on a daily base. Text becomes image, image ultimately becomes something more than a mere collection of pixels. Can we imagine a world in which symbiosis prevails between how we format and are being formatted?
I had a dream in which my eyes were closed
yet I could see more clearly than ever before
I saw magnificent sounds,
heard mesmerizing shapes
and tasted overwhelming colors
It was most certainly a dream,
for I woke up and had to deal
with the fact that it was over
The whole time I was dreaming
I knew that it wasn’t real
but I so badly wanted it to be
that it became more real
than anything else I’ve ever experiencedLiquid dreams is the graduation project by Simon Baetens.
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Tickets to be paid cash at the entrance
Standard price: € 5
Students, unemployed, 65+ and professors, employees and alumni of School of Arts: €3
KASK Drama students, professors and alumni: free
Credits go to Simon Baetens (creation and performance), Myriam Van Imschoot & Tom Engels (mentors) and Grégory Abels, Fabrice Delecluse & Gouvernement (production, communication and technical issues).
Many thanks to Frederik Le Roy, Gouvernement, Minard, NTGent, Matterhorn VZW, Louis Janssens, Nathan Ooms, Dianne Weller, Mette Ingvartsen, Ann Taghon and Johan Baetens.