Interne 9 Hannelore Van Dijck & Bruno Ollé

Residency moment

Thu 08.02 → 18:00 – 23:00     Fri 09.02 → 14:00 – 20:00     Sat 10.02 → 11:00 – 18:00     Sun 11.02 → 11:00 – 17:00

Presentation Interne 9: Hannelore Van Dijck & Bruno Ollé’s first collab
Internen Hannelore Van Dijck & Bruno Ollé present the research and final outcome of their residency in Gouvernement.
Hannelore Van Dijck (1986) studied illustration at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, and drawing quickly became the centre of her artistic practice. She demolishes the boundaries between the viewer and the viewed object by shifting the perceptions of intimate closeness and distance, of abstraction and reality, and of complete overview and microscopic details. Using charcoal as a way of investigating various surfaces and their spatial behaviour, she creates a tension between two intrinsically different materials. Those mediums express her understanding of matter, as they both can be delicate and solid, temporary and consistent. The impermanent character of her in-situ drawings brings out the most poetical nature of the drawing material.
Bruno Ollé (1983) studied visual arts at Eina Art and Design School, Barcelona, and combines various mediums (video, sculpture, drawing…), according to the projects and accompanying methods he requires and as long as all of them somehow revolve around one act: the peculiar act of collecting and arranging objects. His focal point thus reflects on the search for discovering new meanings of obsolescence. By adding new interactions between him and other artists, he hopes to generate new dynamics in his practice.
Having met each other in a residency program in Berlin, they regard themselves as soundboards to one another on a friendly and artistic basis, and wish to draw upon that energy in their shared studio in Gouvernement. As the emphasis lies on trial and error, new beginnings and out-of-the-box approaches, the outcome might not result in an obvious, finalised project, but rather in something surpassing their initial comfort zone.
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*INTERNEN is Gouvernement’s residency program focused on research, experiment and leaving comfort zones. Participants will be granted 4 weeks of investigation in an embryonic process. Be it very first steps or off-track manoeuvres, the accent lies on development rather than on result. It’s about trying, failing and trying again.