Geneva Jacuzzi

Concert / with Vooruit

Wed 08.11 → 20:00-23:00

Catchy synthpop and chaotic visuals by Geneva Jacuzzi

Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpets, The Bubonic Plague: those are just few of the many groups and project where the Californian Geneva Jacuzzi was once a member of. The last years she was part of Ariel Pink’s guiding band, until she decided it was time to move on alone. An excellent choise: her exuberant and wacko live performances – bursting with eighties gothic pop, surrealistic texts and chaotic visuals – often end messy, in a good way.
Geneva Jacuzzi – né Geneva Garvin – is an underground art pure breed and belongs to the underground music scene of Los Angeles. In her work she mixes performance with video art, synth pop, visual arts as if it’s daily business as usual. Garvin released in 2016 ‘Technophelia’, a small masterpiece: catchy synth pop full of references to the psychedelic work of scifi author Philip K. Dick.
Everything Geneva Jacuzzi does, can be described as rather unconventional. Her website is constructed via a completely outdated Apple program. She refuses touring with a band and quite prefers to assemble audio-visual performances, DIY-style. And when the renowned music platform Pitchfork tried to interview her, she shamelessly neglected that request due to “not feeling like it”.
Geneva Jacuzzi works at Gouvernement for 3 days, creating an installation and a performance together with some enthusiastic KASK-students. A first glimpse of that project will be seen and heard on Wednesday, November 8.Tickets 5 € presale (7 € at the doors)
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Organised by Vooruit and Gouvernement, as part of Geneva Jacuzzi’s 3-day residency at Gouvernement.