Eva Donckers ”An Anthropology of The Tourist”


An anthropology of The Tourist
An image of a waterfall on a postcard launches the beginning of a journey towards the pictured sight. An exotic quest during which the photographer allows herself to be guided by various tourists in America. From a distance, she observes the tourists in their habitat, but she also tries to gain insight into the marketing strategies of commercial tourism which has known a continuous growth. ‘An anthropology of The Tourist’ displays a selection of photographs and videos made during her explorations. Combined with her book ‘From here to The Great Elsewhere – and everything in between’, which is part of this project.

21 april: Opening night
18:00h expo opens
19:30h Lara Verbeeck (harp)
20:30h Stefaan Schampheleer (piano)
ongoing Performance by Max Dreezen (painting)
22-23-24 april: 14:00h – 18-00h
27-28 april: 9:00h – 17:00h