Brian Chippendale

Expo / Uncanny Valley

Thur 03.05 → 20:00-23:00     Fri 04.05 → 14:00-20:00     Sat 05.05 → 11:00-18:00

UNCANNY VALLEY: A collaboration between Vooruit, KRAAK, Live Fast Die Young and Gouvernement
As part of the second edition of Uncanny Valley, a 3-day festival in celebration of underground music and visual art, renowned artist and drummer Brian Chippendale will exhibit his peculiar graphic work at Gouvernement. Besides his exhibition at Gouvernement, he will perform in other venues with Lightning Bolt, a chaotic noise rock avant-punk band with Brian Gibson, and present his solo project Black Pus during the festival.
Having drawn a lot as a kid, Chippendale is not only known for the art work he created for all Lightning Bolt albums and his solo project Black Pus, but also for his rather unusual raw graphic novels and comic books such as Ninja, Maggots and the more recently published dark, social satire Puke Force. Combining both his graphic art and music projects, Chippendale unintentionally established himself in the 90’s as the leading figure of the flourishing underground art and music scene in Providence, Rhode Island, with Fort Thunder as the epicentre. The creative hub Fort Thunder, co-founded by Chippendale, acted partly as a residency, printshop and performance space from 1995 until its demolition in 2002. The constant moving in between studios after that lead him to a different approach; an approach that would be shifting between painting and printing, allowing him to move around the things he made and injecting his work with an often overwhelmingly vibrant atmosphere.
Program at Gouvernement
day 1 – 03.05
20:00-23:00: opening night expo Brian Chippendale
21:00: concert De Batteries
day 2 – 04.05:
14:00-20:00: expo Brian Chippendale
day 3 – 05.05:
11:00-18:00: expo Brian Chippendale
12:00-18:00: concerts by Strict Nurse at 12:00, Eric Thielemans & Ilan Manouach at 13:00, with an ongoing record & zine fair organised by Live Fast Die Young and Grafixx + a talk with a.o. Brian Chippendale at 15:00
Admission at Gouvernement is free.
For tickets, info about and full program of the whole 3-day festival:
Limited combi tickets: €22
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