Boys Will Be Boys - Max Dreezen

Expo / performance

Thu 23.11 → 19:00     Fri 24.11 → 16:00-20:00     Sat 25.11  → 11:00-18:00     Sun 26.11 → 11:00-18:00

Max Dreezen’s slow painting
As a true romantic living in these current hectic times, Max Dreezen (1991°, Antwerpen) deliberately follows the path of ‘slow painting’ and admires the tradition that goes hand in hand with it. He looks at ‘everyday things in everyday live’ with a considerable love and astonishment. An increased attention to ‘material & medium’ seemingly led to an outcome of snapshots, but he actually made paintings.
Although his brushes were never far away since he graduated from LUCA School of Arts last year, the process of making new work has been a fierce struggle. He did promise himself that spending time in his studio had to be fun. In his new work he accordingly refers to certain themes and subjects that brought him joy throughout his life.
On the opening night, LUCA-contemporary & ‘Zwarte Zuster’- protagonist Janes Zeghers, will do a performance.
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