Blue Screens of Death (Charlotte Smet)


Lichtfestival – ”Blue screens of death” (Charlotte Smet)
Charlotte Smet explores with ‘Blue Screens of Death’ the bounds of space imposed by the medium of video and creates a platform on which to play with perspective and the illusion that can be brought about by the two-dimensional surface of a projection screen.
Charlotte Smet (°1989) began her artistic education in the Fashion department of Ghent’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), later joining the Mixed Media atelier at LUCA School of Arts, where is currently finishing her master’s degree in Fine Arts.
Using her own visual language, she researches the space within her installations, in which the visual texture and symbolic experience play a central role.
29/1 : 18:00-0:00
30/1 : 18:00-0:00
31/1 : 18:00-0:00