22.11.2018 — 23.11.2018
Always In The Kitchen: music
Festival / with CAMPO

Thu 22.11 → 21:00    Fri 23.11 → 21:00


Week 3: Music


Musician Micha Volders and video producer Jaak De Digitale (aka Bart Winckers) invade the kitchen with an usual closing event. Inspired by famous ‘kitchen’ cartoon scenes they serve you a visual trip on rock, electronic beats or even – as a special offer – on Antiono Vivaldi’s renowned and critically acclaimed Le Quattro Stagioni.

More information coming soon.



Always In The Kitchen

Combining forces for the multidisciplinary art festival Always In The Kitchen, Gouvernement and CAMPO reunite artists and audience in a familiar yet disturbing setting: an IKEA®-kitchen. During three weeks curators and artists challenge the space by creating exhibitions, concerts and theatre pieces between freezers, stoves and kitchen sinks.