Gouvernement is an interdependent, nomadic and cultural platform in Ghent.

A project appealing to a variety of people and disciplines, it always emphasizes the cross-disciplinary, trial & error and unexpected. We aim to question, research and explore new ways of developing and presenting multidisciplinary interactions.

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Night Shift

Night Shift is a nomadic project creating an artistic playground in the iconic landmark of a large art organisation or institution. Artists from different disciplines can present work in an informal setting and make collective use of the eclectic, public platform provided by Gouvernement and the partners involved. As actions and interventions succeed each other swiftly, they intertwine and interconnect with the building, the public and each other. 

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In the transitional area Langerbrugge-Zuid, KONNEKTOR takes place. Starting off with an in-depth and on-site residency programme in the Summer of 2020, it fosters co-creation by artists for the public highlight in the context of Light Festival Ghent 2021. The park around the iconic electricity plant, that used to light up the streets of Ghent at night, becomes the suitable decor for an artistic journey relevant and appropriate to the incredible landscape, the rich history and the neighbourhood.

KONNEKTOR is an initiative by Gouvernement and well-supported by active partnerships and co-productions with Light Festival Ghent, the municipality of Evergem, North Sea Port, Project group Gentse Kanaalzone, Arts platform PLAN B, Arts centre Vooruit, OBRA|Baken and Comeet. As a supralocal cultural project, KONNEKTOR is also funded by the Flemish government.

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Nomadic Workspace for New Masters is a residency programme fully dedicated to the (individual) artists, their practice and their needs for development. With the artists as its principal compass, every residency is made according to the particular requirements expressed by the artists in order to offer them the appropriate support.



Gouvernement thoughtfully invests in meaningful collaborative projects and valuable partnerships, as every project has its specific needs. Besides our long-term partnership with Arts Centre Vooruit, we collaborate on a temporary base with CAMPO, Beursschouwburg, De Studio, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, detheatermaker, Decoratelier, NTGent, KASK and LUCA School of Arts.



Nele Keukelier – general coordination 

David Dumont – project coordinator KONNEKTOR

Eva Pot – general communication 


Laurens Mariënproject associate Night Shift

Vincent Focquetproject associate Night Shift

Leontien Allemeerschproject associate KONNEKTOR

Hanse Cora – project associate KONNEKTOR

Valentine Galeyn – project associate KONNEKTOR





In October 2017, Gouvernement published After the Midst, a multi-layered visual and textual interpretation of HOOGTIJ/laagtij, Gouvernement’s performance-festival on rituals of celebration. Gouverneur, the blonde barley beer brewed by Gouvernement, is available at Vooruit Café, Campo Victoria and Campo Nieuwpoort.



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