03.08.2020 — 09.08.2020
Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten
residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

A socially artistic collective, Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten engages in experimental projects with which they are able to imagine the city. Founded in Ypres, the diverse collective consists of nine young people sharing an affinity with urban grounds, while each coming from a different background – from urban planning and development and architecture, over visual arts and woodwork, to journalism and social work. Their name refers to the public service ‘Dienst der Verwoeste Gewesten’, originally established in order to guide the post-war reconstruction towards a good end. While the reconstruction back then usually came into being by clerks in their dusty departments, the collective strives to perform an equal reconstruction by going into the city and prioritising the imagination along the way.

Driven by urbanisation, Dienst der Gedroomde Gewesten explores the landscape of peripheral areas in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. The slopes and lines of the landscape is their leading guide during their walks, namely because their route is consistently determined by the cables that connect the high-voltage power lines with each other. Along the way, they document the trail in their own fashion: analogue photography, sketches and field and sound recordings. A journey through a landscape so obstinately defined by these apparent landmarks, the assembly of that documentation is called ‘PYLON WALKS’.