15.07.19 — 15.09.19
Steve Salembier
Interne 17


Steve Salembier, formerly known as one half of Atelier Bildraum, can be rhymed with many things, a.o. architect, visual artist, lecturer, scenographer and spatial designer. Everything in between the lines that we perceive or image to have seen, his universes soaks up all the (in)visible things, imagery and space included. Transforming spaces and perspectives can be considered as his personal sport.

Salembier has done many things, too: from creating art works and theatre, to teaching and lecturing. He’s all over the place.

His residency research is devoted to creating a scenography specifically for Night Shift: from dusk till dawn at Vooruit, happening on September 14, between 18:00 and 06:00. Despite this clear-cut assignment, room is left for trial and error, for channeling the artists’s energies into one symbiosis and for intertwining all the 29 actions (such as temporary interventions, installations and performances) covering the Vooruit-building.

14.10 Specific note regarding the residency text


A lot of text could be written down here, quotations and extracts deriving directly from the Summer talks and discussions. However, none of it was recorded, as they were spontaneous, fleeting, in-between lunchbreaks and non-cohesive.

We do have a lot of images illustrating the importance of Salembier’s scenography during Night Shift.


They’ll do the talking.

Steve Salembier manually taking control of the scenography (c) Leontien Allemeersch



View from above overlooking Vooruit’s concerthall, showcasing the different objects hanging there to be used at a specific time (c) Leontien Allemeersch


View from beneath looking at the ceiling, where pillows, wooden seats, microphones and other objects for performances are attached to ropes, which can be manually adjusted when needed for the right moment. (c) Leontien Allemeersch