Night Shift: from dusk till dawn
Beursschouwburg, Brussels



Breaking free from geographical boundaries, Gouvernement investigates new offbeat horizons in unfamiliar conditions. For the nocturnal carousel Night Shift it temporarily relocates its practice, vision, visual and artistic identity to Brussels.

Night Shift is a nomadic project creating an artistic playground in the iconic landmark of a large art organisation or institution. Artists from different disciplines can present work in an informal setting and make collective use of the eclectic, public platform provided by Gouvernement and the partners involved. As actions and interventions succeed each other swiftly, they intertwine and interconnect with the building, the public and each other.

In a 12-hour-long swirling program, the actions succeed each other swiftly, allow for new interpretations and meanings, ultimately adding multiple layers. From dazzling and subtle performances, through in situ activated interventions and installations, to other less categorizable events: the night shift is irreversible!


The stamp is clear and visible
the marks are made
the night shift is irreversible.




© Leontien Allemeersch – for more picture, check the album on facebook