31.01.2019 — 03.02.2019
Expo / performance

Thu 31.01 → 18:00-…     Fri 01.02 → 16:00-22:00     Sat 02.02 → 11:00-18:00     Sun 03.02 → 11:00-18:00


A sensory group exhibition by six artists currently studying Mixed Media at LUCA School of Arts


Six Mixed Media students from LUCA School of Arts gather their perspective on and varying processes of sensory works. Narratives on photography, deliquescent found objects, encountered acts, fermented and scented sculptures become sensual statements, which blossom even more in the exhibition.

The collaboration offers a multidisciplinary network wherein the visitors are warmly invited to enter with their senses open for unusual experiences. Complementing the exhibition are two performances, adding an extra sensuous layer.

Contributing artists are Lara Bongard, Catherine Duboutay, Myriam Kind, Diwana Schrauwen, Zarah Zahler & Amel Omar.

© Image Catherine Duboutay

Lara Bongard (NL)

With A Placeless Journal, an online project which is all about places and being placeless, Lara Bongard questions the definition of home through personal stories, travelling, symbolic cooking, photography, textiles and drawing. With this project she tries to understand her own placelessness and find a certain beauty in displacement.

Catherine Duboutay (LU)

Catherine Duboutay’s work is consolidating different realities. Banal acts from daily lives create a base and multiple starting points of her artistic practice. The outcome of that sensual bodywork combined with our contemporary digital world, reveals itself as a (or multiple) work(s) consisting of different materials – often combining performance, food, writing, video, installation and sculptures. Since 2018, she has become an active member of the Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein e.V.

Myriam Kind (DE)

Myriam Kind lives, studies and works in the trijunction Saar-Lor-Lux. Originally coming from textile craftsmanship, she now shifts towards a more multidisciplinary approach, using other materials and social micro structures. Since 2016, she calls herself an active member of the Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein e.V.

Diwana Schrauwen (BE)

Diwana Schrauwen switched to studying mixed media after briefly trying the textile courses, but didn’t cease working with textile. Craftmanship is one of her main interests, as it is an intimate connection between head and hand, where the committed repetition of handwork equals learning. Driven by her love for textile and fashion, she seeks a thorough understanding of material and an ability to communicate and visualize this fascination through image.

Zarah Zahler (BE)

Zarah Zahler is keen to explore the field of the unreality, reality and perceived reality – something we actually notice in our daily lives. At the moment, she’s going for installations, projections, handmade statues. As we experience a world filled with stimula for the senses, Zahler deliberately unravels that experience and reveals the relating silliness.

Amel Omar (NL)

As power relations between human and objects remain strange and of interest to her, Amel Omar wonders about how different forms of communications between objects would be visually portrayed, and how the objects communicate with their environment. As her works sway from the communicative and the non-communicative, Omar likes to use sculpture and film for her research.