07.05.2021 — 30.06.2021
Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge
exhibition, Konnektor

part of Konnektor

Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge is a group exhibition that came about through a collaboration between artist Reinout Dewulf and a group of photographers  of the daycare center OBRA|BAKEN. During several OBRA|BAKEN Ateliers Konnektor-resident Reinout took on the role as a ‘taxi driver’. Together they discovered the surroundings on an electrical sidecar-bicycle. As co-pilotes, armed with a disposable camera, they directed the routes of these wanderings. They have solely been asked tot take pictures of everything they found pretty or interesting.  Voluntary coach Tom Van Dorpe too got a camera and accompanied those bicycle tours.  

All these analogue images have been developed and brought together in a final atelier. Collectively the group exhibition got shaped: photographs were reframed, processed into collages and selected democratically. The result is an unque view on Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge , it’s landscape, the inhabitants and everything that moves around. 

Discover Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge:

The exhibition is on view between May 7 2021 up until june 30 2021. Accessible 24/7 in open air. 

Your visit to the Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge-exhibition:

The Koppelingsgebied Langerbrugge-Zuid is situated south-east of the village center of Langerbrugge and on the left bank of the Canal Gent-Terneuzen. The park area is easy accessible by bike through a connection between the Gentweg and the Doornzelestraat. The exhibition-site is near the Grovermansdreef.

Please be aware of the current Corona-measures when visiting the site:

  • You can gather with 10 people at maximum in the public domain with respect to the social distance measures.  If you can’t guarantee the distance-measures please wear a mouth mask.  

Artists: Couckuyt Xeverine, De Baets Steven, Deliaert Scarlett, Dewulf Reinout, Everaert Dimitri, Reynvoet Johan, Van De Velde Dirk, Van Dorpe Tom, Van Langeraert Sonia, Van Ryssel Inge, Verledens Manjula

Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge is part of Reinout Dewulf’s artistic research on the maximisation of social energy and inter-human electricity in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge.