27.01.2022 — 27.01.2022
Selbstportät mit Kater - SKI (Stedelijk Secundair Kunstinstituut)
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part of Knal_Interval
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Thursday 27/01
Location: Kazematten, Kazemattenstraat 17, 9000 Gent
Starting time: 19h

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“i’m trying to be me and it’s so hard’ 

Selbstporträt mit Kater presents the best five minutes of a self-portrait gone out of hand. In this piece ‘Self I’ suddenly encounters the clone ‘Self II’ in the role of a lifetime. Selbstporträt mit Kater reveals the moment when an emancipated actor storms out of his theater-ensemble and union forever and buys ‘peanuts’ with his last money for an abstract dance performance inspired on the poems of Gertrude Stein. Selbstporträt mit Kater can be perceived as a micro-reflection on D.I.Y., queer- and cyber culture from a hangover-perspective.

Further on we’re looking for the absence of expertise and the evolution of the decline of old elites in the form of a theatrical adaptation of defrosted pizza with extra’s.

“I feel like a boner that already happened.”

* freely inspired on the work of the American video artist Ryan Trecartin.

A project from 7 ‘Bijzondere Vorming Woordkunst Drama’ of the Secundair Kunstinstituut led by Simon Van Schuylenbergh: Bo Adam, Yari Bogaert, Tist De Maeyer, Line Gregoire, Fatou Ka, Giel Luyten, Anaïs Simon, Chloé Thomson, Fleur Van Bergen, Barend Van Damme, Justine Vandenhende. Bijzondere Vorming Woordkunst Drama is a preparatory year for Drama art college and immerses the students in the world of performing arts.