Scott Gilmore / Cate Kennan / Roman Hiele
Concert / with Vooruit

Wed 20.12 → 20:00-23:30


An evening filled with top notch ambient and synth music


Curated by Vooruit resident Roman Hiele, with live performances by Cate Kennan, Scott Gilmore and Roman Hiele himself.

Scott Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is a Los Angeles based recording artist and multi-instrumentalist. His music combines elements of 70’s underground psychedelia, kosmische, and library music. His compositions are filled with ever changing parts, thickly layered electronics, and an accomplished sense of harmony and counterpoint. Following the limited edition tape release of ‘Volume 01’ on SFV REC, Scott Gilmore released the album ‘Subtle Vertigo’ with International Feel in June of 2017.

Cate Kennan

Cate Kennan is an electronic musician based in Los Angeles. Her music juxtaposes industrial leaning rhythms with melodic electronics and textural chords. Her compositions venture from ambient introspection to upbeat forward moving electronics. Dreamy and poppy stuff!

Hiele (dj set)

Vooruit music resident Roman Hiele leaves his dancing shoes at home and spins a couple of his favorite ambient and new age tunes.

Tickets 5 € presale (7 € at the doors)

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Organised by Vooruit, Gouvernement and Ekster.