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Live manual about how to combine strict composition with free improvisation


SCHNTZL is a jazz duo comprised of pianist Hendrik Lasure and drummer Casper Van De Velde. The two musicians first met at the ages of 12 and 14, respectively, and have been constantly playing together ever since, first performing as part of several larger collectives before breaking out on their own in 2014 as the duo, SCHNTZL.

Their music sees improvisation intertwined with fully arranged compositions.Hendrik and Casper are both currently studying jazz at the music colleges of Brussels and Antwerp, but are just as much inspired by other music forms, such as singer-songwriter, classical, and electronica.

SCHNTZL is the constant search for the preservation of fragility: how can strict composition and free improvisation be combined? How do acoustic and electronic elements fit together? The unique minimalist way in which they answer these questions leaves enough space for silence and takes you to the essence of music.