05.03.2020 — 06.03.2020
Post Animale by La S Grand Atelier
Dance performance

Thu 05.03 → 18:00-22:00     Fri 06.03 → 18:00-22:00      various locations at Vooruit


Improvised dances in vivid costumes,

a breath-taking patchwork clashing between myth and reality



The improvised dance performance Post Animale is a one-of-a-kind universe with costumes whose dimensions are gleefully at odds with the shapes of the wearers’ bodies. As part of Women & Children First, the second edition of the much acclaimed festival by Vooruit, the artists showcase their bizarre moves and dresswear for two consecutive days.

With Post Animale the exceptional Walloon artists will build on the foundations of performer Barbara Massart’s artistic universe. Using her textile creations – made of dyed wool, synthetic fur and other unconventional materials – an abrupt clash between myth and reality is orchestrated.

A colourful patchwork that makes the invisible visible.



Get to know the artistically wild bunch: