12.09.2021 — 12.09.2021
Plechtige Opening van de velodroom te Langerbrugge - Werkzaamheden der Maand
re-activatie, Konnektor

Part of Konnektor


Initiatiators Mats Wosky & Pieter-Jan Verheyen switched from artists to project developers during their summer residency Werkzaamheden der Maand. The duo settled in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge for a couple of weeks to prepare the re-activation of the former bicycle race track in the area. One of the first actions to revive this historic ground was the markation of the chalklines on the grass field: a reference to the sportive past as well as to the 24 garden allotments that were installed during WWII to cope with food shortage. During this public moment each plot is leased to artists and local residents who wants to reflect on this field in the here and now. Is there a more meaningful destination than a mere evocation of the past? Each plot of land will reveal a suggestion on the past, the present and future of this historic oval. Welcome to this revealing fancy fair on the velodrome!


Participating Plot Residents:

• Atelier Markant (GO! Kunstenacademie) present theur crafty statuettes on a victory ceremony podium.

• Jana Milbou forages edible plants and cooks a meal with them in a field kitchen.

• Hubert Dedecker presents poetry, an installation with a bicycle wheel and willow branches and creates bee-hotels during a workshop.

• Van het één komt het ander: te verwerken materiaal, icompost-installation by Jakob Van Den Broucke

• Wendy (Maya DHondt) composes a musical ritual as an ode to vegetable gardening.

• Wannes Cools re-opens the former sports-cantine, with a self-made bar counter, café and folk games, refreshing drinks and legendary bar snacks.

• Lukas de Ryck built a garden structure as a base camp to maintain, seed and work the land.  But also as a resting place to read, write and reflect on the surrounding landscape.

• Mats Wosky present plaster casts of objects he collected in the neighbourhood.

• Camping-plot, tents are installed, Welcome to spend the night!

• Mats Wosky en Wannes Cools cover a plot à la minute.

• Mats Wosky, Pieter-Jan Verheyen en Wannes Cools reflecteren on the environment in a plot covered with warning signs.

• Mats Wosky en Pieter-Jan Verheyen planted several public announcement posters to inform about the temporary occupation

• Mats Wosky en Pieter-Jan Verheyen are spinning in circles using a pole, a rope and a race bike.

• Mats Wosky en Pieter-Jan Verheyen share documentation and archive images on a TV-screen in the  Werkzaamheden der Maand  living room.

• Mats Wosky en Pieter-Jan Verheyen define center of the velodrome using a sundial. Your own shadow will show the time.

• Elias D’hooge musiceert klankstukken in relatie tot de omgeving and het erfgoed, 10:30, 12:00, 12:30, 15:00 en 16:30.

• Helena Ceuppens paints billboards for the cafés of yesteryear in the neighbourhood.

Your visit to the re-opening:

Plechtige heropening van de velodroom te Langerbrugge takes place on Sunday the 12th of september in the Koppelingsgebied of Langerbrugge-Zuid, from 10:00 to 18:00 as part of Open Monumentendag.

On this day several activities take place in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge in collaboration with Gemeente Evergem, GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem and Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest:
• Opening Electric Servant by Bart Spitaels in OC De Burggrave
• Opening OBRA|BAKEN & Konnektor Ateliers – Tentoonstelling in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest
• Opendeurdag van GO! Kunstacademie Evergem in de werkplek
• Erfgoedwandeling door Cultuurraad Evergem
• Rommel- en ambiance markt in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest
• Openluchttentoonstelling ON THE GO! door GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem

Werkzaamheden der Maand was made possible by Gemeente Evergem.