Plattenspieler w/ Milo Rau & Thomas Meinecke
Talk / with Het Balanseer

Tue 04.12 → 20:00-21:30


Dialogue with Milo Rau & Thomas Meinecke


Publisher Het Balanseer gathers Swiss theatre maker and NT Ghent’s artistic director Milo Rau and German author and DJ Thomas Meinecke for an interesting and unpredictable dialogue. They unleash videos and tracks while they discuss music and contemporary visual culture. A unique occasion to witness the collaboration of these two important figures.

This unique talk between two diverse artists marks the first of three events celebrating Thomas Meinecke’s latest novel, HELBLAUW, now also translated in Dutch thanks to over 50 translators and published by Het Balanseer. PLATTENSPIELER is part of that three-days long tour. On Wednesday, there will be a talk and party at the bar Amigo. On Friday, the book is to be presented in Hasselt.