25.02.2019 — 10.03.2019
Ode de Kort
Atelier residency

Half-term holiday residency


Ovals and circles as the a priori motif in Ode de Kort’s oeuvre


Excerpt from Chris Sharp’s text consulted at Ode de Kort’s website:

“I look at the work of Ode de Kort and a whole host of ovoid descriptors crowd into my mind: oval, ovate, oviform, egg-shaped, even elliptical. This is because the dominant motif of de Kort’s work happens to be the oval or circle. It appears in and informs virtually everything she does, from her sculptures, sculptural installations, video’s and photographs.

Indeed, so consistently does it, as a form and a motif, invade an populate what she makes that it assumes, despite its sensual elegance, an almost antic quality. Slight, immaterial, linear, de Kort’s work possesses an almost demure, self-effacing delicacy. And yet it does not lack confidence or conviction, nor is it coquettish (well, maybe a little?). There is nothing retiring about this work. It fully occupies whatever space it inhabits, despite barely occupying it at all.”

Pictures by Leontien Allemeersch.