27.07.2020 — 09.08.2020
Oan Moonens
residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project


A LUCA School of Arts Film graduate, Oan Moonens adopts anthropological work methods in her film practice, as illustrated by her graduation project ‘Entre-deux’. Two boys are followed in a bus making its way to the sports club. During the ride, the boys talk about crisps, things that pass by the window and what happened yesterday. Conversations that seem erratic, yet open up a whole world once you really take a look at it. ‘Entre-deux’ is a film about being on the road and a research on public interactions in an urban landscape. That said, Moonens truly creates an ode to the mundane, the complexity of simple conversations and the ever-present space inbetween.

Moonens constructs a portrait of the port during her stay, as she kindles the romance and poetry of a village amidst an overwhelming industrial zone. A stranger in this industrious environment, she scrutinizes and unravels its various dynamics. Who approriates and utilizes this place? Where can freedom be found? How can we move ourselves between all these elements? Eventually, Moonens images an intricate dialogue between nature, industry and people in her currently entitled project ‘Guidon du Club’.

During the KONNEKTOR X OBRA|BAKEN-ateliers has been working on a filmproject together with the clients of the day care center. In the neighbourhood of the marina she teaches them to handle the camera and they learn to image themselves and the landscape.