12.09.2021 — 26.09.2021
Konnektor X OBRA|BAKEN ateliers
exhibition, Konnektor

Part of Konnektor


During series of ateliers Konnektor-artists co-operated with the clients of daycare center OBRA|BAKEN. Starting from the existing practice of the artist together they created new work and discovered the broad horizons in Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. In this exposition we share a unique glimpse on the proces and the collaborations that took place during the ateliers. Through unedited audio, image and video material we invite you to this surprising story that displays the synergy between client, art and artist.

Discover the  tussen de cliënten van OBRA|BAKEN met de volgende kunstenaars:
• Michiel Soete challenges the webcam of the Langerbrugge car ferry. Creating staged situations he worked on a stop-motion film in which the clinets take the lead role.
• Oan Moonens rediscovered her investigation area, the yacht-harbour, through the eyes of the clients. During her ateliers they played with the medium film. They imaged themselves and the surroundings. A blockbuster in the making.
• Reinout Dewulf took the clients for several rides on an electric sidecar bicycle. As neighbourhood reporters, armoured with disposable photo-cameras, they registered everything which was interesting or beautiful.  The photographic results of these wanderings were brought together in the group exhibition Site/side-seeing in Langerbrugge.
• Anna Burvenich collected, cut and pasted, together with the clients,  on her bright spot in the neighbourhood: A Wall of Trust. She organised an enveloppe collection in the community and processed them to the building bricks of her work.
• Hanse Cora captured the clients and their favourite objects on camera in a true photo-studio. The images were edited and resulted in highly personal christmas cards.
• Manoeuvre didn’t care to much about seasonal differences and continued to work, even in wintertime, on their boundary-free camping experience. In the wax-atelier they transformed camping-items to candles of all sorts.
• Photographer Simen Lambrecht experimented with images and chemical development. With a cyanotype-kit werkte they worked on a series of collages and T-shirts.
• During several ateliers Laura Vanborm worked on a video and movement/dance trajectory. Together they researched the formal in landscapes and the expression of movement and challenged the medium of film and photography.

Your visit to Konnektor X OBRA|BAKEN – Ateliers Exhibition:

The exhibition takes place in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest, Burggravenlaan 7 in Langerbrugge. From Sunday september 12th through Sunday september 26th. On Sunday september 12th we invite you for the festive opening!
Opening hours: wednesday 11:00 – 18:30, thursdat 11:00 – 18:30, friday 11:00 – 23:00 en sunday 14:00 – 23:00.

On Sunday september 12th there is more to dicover, in collaboration with Gemeente Evergem, GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem en Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest:
Opening Electric Servant by Bart Spitaels in OC De Burggrave
• Plechtige heropening van de velodroom te Langerbrugge door Werkzaamheden der Maand in het Koppelingsgebied te Langerbrugge-Zuid
• Opendeurdag van GO! Kunstacademie Evergem in de werkplek
• Erfgoedwandeling door Cultuurraad Evergem
• Rommel- en ambiance markt in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest
• Openluchttentoonstelling ON THE GO! door GO! Kunstenacademie Evergem

Special thanks to:
• Bridge builder and driving force: Tom Van Dorpe
• Konnektor-artists: Anna Burvenich, Hanse Cora, Reinout Dewulf, Simen Lambrecht, Manoeuvre, Oan Moonens, Michiel Soete en Laura Vanborm
• OBRA|BAKEN-artists: Xeverine Couckuyt, Steven De Baets, Scarlett Deliaert, Julie Demeulenaere, Jana De Smedt, Dimitri Everaert, Wouter Kalfsvel, Johan Reynvoet, Bart Scheir, Dirk Van De Velde, Thalien Van Kerckvoorde, Sonia Van Langeraert, Inge Van Ryssel, Manjula Verledens en Janosch Zein

Made possible by: Konnektor, Gouvernement vzw, OBRA|BAKEN, Vlaanderen/Verbeelding werkt en Cera.