21.02.2019 — 22.02.2019
It seemed far, but it was close - Emi Kodama (Interne 14)
Performance / with Vooruit

Thu 21.02 → at 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00          Fri 22.02 → at 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00


Take a step into your own imaginatory journey


Discover your own imaginary world in Emi Kodama’s performance installation, as she brings your imagination to life using various stimuli such as heat, light or a walnut.

“The building you’re in extends into your imagination. We will step into this new space and explore it with the help of objects from daily life. Holding a walnut, for example, will help you imagine one and ground you as it transforms into a house in your imagination. In this performance, I explore the way that your surroundings add dimension to your inner world in a work that is a step towards a guidebook to exploring imaginary landscapes.”

Image © courtesy of Emi Kodama


Emi Kodama’s work explores the every day through stories that take shape in a multidisciplinary practice. Situated at the intersection of visual art and film, her work includes performance, installation, video, sound, photography, and drawing. Writing with a minimalism that emphasizes brevity and intensity, she attempts to be precise about the commonplace in a way that sheds new light on familiar objects and situations and blends her imagination with yours. Causing this imaginary overlap, her works aim to give others the opportunity to spend time in their inner world — for them to be curious, ask questions, and realize the power of their own imagination.