Infinite Bisous / Èlg
Concert / with Vooruit

Wed 25.01 → 20:00-23:00

Following the mindset “Better a close and good neighbour than a far away friend”, Gouvernement en Vooruit join for a structural and long-term collaboration, starting with the first double bill of Infinte Bisous and Èlg


Infinite Bisous

Rory McCarthy makes his living as the right hand of lo-fi pop heroes like Connan Mockasin, Mac DeMarco and LA Priest. The American is also the founder of Internet label Tasty Morsels, a virtual free haven for drifting psychedelics, funk, and pop. And this is exactly what you should expect from McCarthy’s solo project Infinite Bisous: astonishing, sexy lo-fi pop drenched in a haze of red wine, coincidentally also Rory’s drink of choice: so now you know exactly what to treat him to should you run into him at the bar after the performance.


Èlg, a pop-genius outsider from Paris, will kick off the evening. Laurent Girard decided to stick around in our favorite hellhole, Brussels, a few years ago. Musically he hovers between weird Gainsbourg-like songs, deconstructed vocal extravaganzas and sexy avant-garde performance art. Girard released records on labels like Kraak, Naszaphone, Hundebiss and Fonal and collaborated with Jo Tanz and Ghedailia Tazartes – under the name Reines d’Angleterre.

Tickets 6 € presale (8 € at the doors)

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Organised by Vooruit and Gouvernement