03.08.2020 — 24.08.2020
Emma Bierens & Martha Meijer
residency, Konnektor

Part of the Konnektor-project

Besides having studied architecture at the University of Ghent, Emma Bierens and Martha Meijer also share a passion for open designs that cleverly play with social and societal aspects of architecture. During her studies, Bierens developed different tools she still incorporates in her work today: by actively using maps for recording purposes, she employs mapping as her primary research tool. While Bierens devotes her time to her own practice as well as to working at Architecture Workroom Brussels, Meijer is active as an architect in different collectives, organisations and projects all around the globe – from school playgrounds in Brussels and the cocreative re-development of a socio-cultural house in Ghent to a harvest-to-kitchen-lab in Portugal. The foundations of her work are situated on the crossroads of where sustainable materials, social engagement and investigative design entertwine with each other. The merging of their experiences and knowledge translates in a compelling drive to further explore the possibilities of conversation, architecture and collectivity.

In Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge, Emma Bierens and Martha Meijer commence a voyage with their travelling maquette. A cardboard version of the neighbourhood acts as the baseline for a conversation with the locals, in order to collectively build, rebuild and question the surroundings. What buildings, places and green areas are present nearby? How do we deal with the dynamics of the town’s industrious neighbour, the Port of Ghent? How can we imagine this place together, discuss the complexity and continuous development and transmit these to the future? Bierens and Meijer invite everyone to take part in this open project. During their residency, they visit several nearby interchanges and junctions such as the ferry, the church, the school, the entrance to the Herryville-quarter… and ask transients to commence a dialogue with their travelling maquette.

More info on their travelling maquette, you can find here