23.10.2021 — 24.10.2021
De ijzeren boomgaard
film, Konnektor

Part of Konnektor

De ijzeren boomgaard was shot during a three-week (July 2020) artist-in-residence in the small town of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge, in the periphery of Ghent, Belgium. This 21st century fairytale of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge is based on stories, anecdotes and memories of the residents. The Narrator takes you along these stories while you see fragments of everyday life and images of the environment. A personal portrait of the landscape, in which inhabitants are the characters and reality is interwoven with fiction. The video installation shows the landscape how it once was, is now and maybe one day will be.

Your visit to De ijzeren boomgaard:

Sarturday 23rd of oktober, 18:00 – 22:00
Sunday 24th of oktober, 14:00 – 20:00
Location: Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest – Burggravenlaan 7 te Langerbrugge.

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• Openluchttentoonstelling Mission Dhuicque in het Koppelingsgebied te Langerbrugge-Zuid.
• Presentatie van Collectieve Conversatie in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest.
• Debat: De toekomst van de elektriciteitscentrale te Langerbrugge in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest.