Zombi / Weird Dust
Concert / with Vooruit

Wed 26.04 → 20:00-23:00


Steve Moore’s peculiar horror soundtrack



A.E. Paterra and Steve Moore make over 15 years music as Zombi, a wonderful and unique mix of kraut rock, prog, new age, italo disco and spacerock. Albums like ‘Escape Velocity’, ‘Spirit Animal’ and the 2016 published record ‘Shape Shift’ subtly approaches towards obscure seventies horrorsoundtracks by the likes of Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento.

Analog synthmaestro Steve Moore also makes excellent solo work. As Gianni Rossi, Lovelock or Miracle he illustrates, on labels like L.I.E.S. and Spectrum Spools, his love for quirky sounds of John Carpenter, Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Steve Hillage and Giorgio Moroder. Moore also wrote the soundtrack for the Jonas Govaerts’s celebrated horror movie ‘Welp’ (2014).

Weird Dust

The heavy, psychedelic electronica of Weird Dust comes straight from the capital, Brussels. Behind the buttons is Mike Crabbé, known as one half of the underground techno noiseduo TAV Exotic. The other half, Ernest Gonzales, at Eastern Daze in 2016 with his band Bear Bones, Lay Low. Ghent-based label KERM helped produce two mixtapes of Weird Dust.