Behoud het balanseer
with het balanseer

Thu 14.02 → 20:00-…


An evening dedicated to romance, adventures & intimacy


Forget the usual Valentine’s Day events, publisher het balanseer will take care of your val and tine. Think an evening which is filled, text which is a voice, music which is a sound, lust which is also pain, prose which can be poetry, drinking which leads to peeing, slackiness which can become hard, dry which can ultimately be moist, between which is actually by.

All lettres are passionately provided by Obe Alkema, Evelin Brosi, Dominique De Groen, Gerard Herman, Kris Latoir, Jan Matthé, Koen Sels, Laura Van, Arno Van Vlierberghe…

Music is passionately provided by CUNTST, Colette Broeckaert, Gerard Herman

Radio is passionately broadcasted by Radio Roeien Met Riemen.


Image © Evelin Brosi