29.04.2019 — 12.05.2019
Naomi Van der Horst & Jeff Aendenboom
Atelier residency

Atelier residency


A contemporary tale about artists, kings and madmen


Working together for the first time, Naomi Van der Horst and Jeff Aendenboom are preparing the textual foundations for the play Kings climb their thrones and die #cry, which will be premiered at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September. Their residency is devoted to setting out the narrative structures which are crucial for the outcome. Both are fascinated by tragi-comic elements hidden in everyday life. The tragedy lies in the part one doesn’t say publicly and in the ongoing search for our personal raison d’être.


Kings climb their thrones and die #cry considers the intricate power triangle between artists, kings and madmen. In a mutual interchange of control, authority and creation and due to their overlapping features, the story plays with the justified entitlement of power and how to cope with it. Think existential crises, feeling futile and a whiff of Foucault.