20.05.2019 — 30.06.2019
Menzo Kircz
Atelier residency

Contestant for Gouvernement’s longest atelier resident


Craving a moment of reflection and a table for all the collected objects


The perfect space for a hermit, Kircz’ atelier provides an overview for Onduidelijke Correspondenties. His graduation project has never required more than a table and as many people it can fit, and a little box containing found objects, by-products and miscellaneous. During the show, the objects can, once combined, trigger the public’s imagination and their take on a plausible fictional narrative attached to the objects.

Depending on Kircz’ preferences, he adds and removes objects from the box without ever regarding them as disposable. The content always changes, meaning the play is never the same and can never be played exactly the same. The candy bar wrappers, buttons, a match box, confetti, glitter tubes, stones and acorns – now all displayed, the overview creates a sort of throwback of one year of altering his project. A moment of reflection, as it were.


The play’s sustainable and unfinished structure teaches us to think beyond the rat race of developing pieces, presenting the completed products and instantly return to creating more pieces. Just like the objects, his plays aren’t disposable products. He emphasizes process, not just on a theoretic level but throughout his general practice. Onduidelijk Correspondenties can therefore be approached in many ways: as an intimate play, an exposition or even a workshop.