13.05.2019 — 26.05.2019
Compagnie de Kolifokkers
Atelier residency

Pre-summer atelier residency


Can we find it in our hearts to accepts someone’s choice of deliberately leaving the world of the living?


Starting from the suicidal attempts of two women (impersonated by Bergez and De Bruyn), Noman deconstructs our perspectives, perhaps even the taboo, regarding the conscious choice of ending one’s life. When self-doubt kicks in and one of the women tries to persuade the other to choose life instead of death, fantasy stories are used to keep the suicidal woman close despite her decision. Can we forgive the ones we’ve loved for deliberately leaving this world? How do we cherish the ones we’ve lost? Can we maintain that same sense of purpose?

Noman delicately plays with notions of forgiveness, acceptance and commemoration. It highlights another perspective of suicide: that of embracing one’s heart-breaking choice and finding love in what once was.

Carlier, who wrote the play, was also a Montignard at Monty Kultuurfaktorij where Noman premiered in January 2019 (for an in-depth interview about Noman, you can visit this page). Their two-week residency allowed them to research and redefine certain aspects, which will result in a different version.


© Leontien Allemeersch


© Sofie De Cleene for Compagnie de Kolifokkers