27.12.2018 — 06.01.2019
Judith Dhondt & Senne Vanderschelden
Atelier residency

Christmas residency


Searching for a collective way of creating, evolving and performing within theatre


For her project concluding her bachelor in drama, Judith Dhondt and Senne Vanderschelden collaborate for the investigation of the codes, spaces and characteristics of theatre. The research concentrates on social vibes, interpersonal relations and encounters between the actors on stage and between the performers and audience. The decomposition of the rigid hierarchy in theatre becomes one of their main subjects, which is expressed through the organic search for new interconnectivity and via the creation of transparent relationships between the audience and performers.

Aware of the changing perceptions whenever circumstances and situations differ, they acknowledge the impact of the activated space, which becomes even more manifest due to the usage of public space during the creation process. Public spaces are inherently arbitrary and give opportunity to implement improvisation and take advantage of the momentary aspect. However, the finished play will be performed on a parking lot, accentuating the contrast between the parking lot’s scale and the play’s intimacy. Changing the environment influences and modifies the audience’s range of vision. Simultaneously, the open structure offers the spectators to actively take part in the composition of the play.

Though the project is still in its embryonic stage, one thing is certain: their research highlights the need to work in a collective way, using experiments and connections as their main tools.