26.06.2021 — 26.06.2021
A Wall of Trust bij zonsondergang
presentation, Konnektor

part of Konnektor

For months we have been building this beacon of light in the neighbourhood. This in-situ light installation came about through a collaboration between the inhabitants, various organisations and artist/creator Anna Burvenich. Collectively the artwork was built: everyone gathered envelopes, cut tokens and sticked them to the former altar wall. Eventually, 1652 tokens later, equalling 11564 collected envelopes, the work is finished.

At the end of June we experience the longest days of the year. It takes around 45 minutes for the sun to go down. A unque opportunity to discover ‘A Wall of Trust’ in full force. Gradually this work of human collaboration will appear and at the same time the stained glass windows, reminiscence of an era of almighty divinity, will disappear. Be welcome to join this meaningful, transformative moment.

More information on ‘A Wall of Trust’ you can find here: https://bit.ly/3gCmF2W
Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest is located in Burggravenlaan 7, 9940 Langerbrugge. Be sure to come in time in order to keep the peace during the event. At 8PM we open the doors, arond 9:45 PM the sunset will start. The capacity of this event is 90 people at max. full = full.