21.01.2022 — 21.01.2022
Short Film Program - compiled by Julie Daems
film, Night Shift/GIF


Friday 21/1
Kunsthal Gent, Lange Steenstraat 14, 9000 Gent
Starting hour: 20h

Departing from hair (‘haar’ in Dutch) that was ‘brotherlovely’ shaven, thoughtfully brushed, tenderly cut and magically braided, film maker Julie Daems ‘spins’ a program of 7 shorts in a row by various young directors. This night delivers 7 mini-trips to these personal universes where loving hands are out to meet her (also ‘haar’ in Dutch), the other, her love. Sit back for a titillating ride in the good company of poetic short films at Kunsthal Gent.

With the work of Katerina Indesteege, Zaur Kourazov, Anaïs Kaboré, Marthe Peters, Leoluna Robert-Tourneur, Charles Dhondt and Julie Daems.