23.11.2020 — 18.12.2020
Antibodies/Probodies - 3rd BA Performance KASK
residency, NWNM

Part of NWNM





During November and December 2020, the 3rd students of BA Performance from KASK worked on a project called Antibodies , Probodies. As a starting point, the process focused on the relation we have with our own bodies in the context of the times we live in. Antibodies , Probodies took place in two locations in Gent – the Bourgoyen and Gouvernement. It ended with a creation of a book called Take Me On a Walk.

If you plan to go on a walk in the Bourgoyen in Gent one of these days, take this book with you. It might turn the Bourgoyen into a performance of which you are sometimes the public and sometimes the co-performer.

TO BE FOUND ON: Mini Free Library, Mahatma Gandhistraat 30 Gent

Made with contributions by: Francine ten Brummelhuis, Anna Schlooz, Anders Herrebaut, Silke Gerinckx, Judith Van Oeckel, Lou Van Hecke, Ashley Van Poucke, Stien Van den Branden, Raindo Siagian. The process was facilitated by Adva Zakai