Tussen/Pool - Simen Lambrecht

exhibition, Konnektor

Architect Simen Lambrecht’s residency is committed to the photographic imaging research entitled ‘Tussen/Pool’. With an individualistic architectural view, he pictures the history and present of Kerkbrugge-Langerbrugge. Having created his own pinhole camera, he hits the road to the electricity plant where he captures the space, lighting and line pattern on film. Back at the Konnektor workplace, he builds a darkroom where he develops the images with natural and organic products (lemon juice, tea). This nearly post-apocalyptic work process yields raw and obscure photographic material of a building that has been defining the landscape and the community for more than 100 years. In contrast he portrays various local residents with a sharp, digital precision: every wrinkle, crinkle, dimple, crack and rupture eventually becomes visible. Now, he is looking to find corresponding patterns in the results of two radically different photographical techniques. With this play of ‘compare and contrast’ he’s aiming to allow  again a certain human factor into a building that has been devoid of its humanity since it became a ruin. 
This series of ten double photo prints will be on view as the open air exhibition Tussen/Pool in ‘Koppelingsgebied Langerbrugge zuid’ during the months december, january, february. 
More info on Tussen/Pool you can find here