De Toekomst van de elektriciteitscentrale van Langerbrugge

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This event, part of the project Mission Dhuicque, is dedicated to the conservation and the reconversion of the Langerbrugge power plant. Colloquially, the term “Power plant of Langerbrugge” has been used since its construction in 1913. However when we look today at who’s at the negotiation table concerning its reconversion, the city of Ghent is in control.  Back in the days, the employees went straight to work from out of the village, today a fence is blocking the passage.
The people from Langerbrugge and surroundings gave their labour force to the plant and learned to live with the adverse effects of this industry. Doing so, they wrote history. In the meantime inhabitants have been watching the decline of this industrial icon for several years. A neat park has been built but only offers an injured view on the building. The Energeia-Museum is collecting dust as we speak. Now the dilapidated state of this “Iron Cathedral” is asking for a new destination, it is about time to capture this moment as a new source of energy for the future of Langerbrugge. A place where nowadays many people from Ghent find a new home and living (quality) gains importance.
For this special meeting in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest we try to invite experts who are involved in the proces of the reconversion.  The purpose of this event is to share knowledge and trying to find answers to certain urgent questions in the environment. A good management of heritage starts with a clear communication and a chance of success is depending on the involvement of the local community. Your presence on this night makes a difference!
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De toekomst van de elektriciteitscentrale van Langerbrugge takes place on Saturday 23th of october, at 20:00 in Buurt’punt Den Hannekesnest – Burggravenlaan 7 te Langerbrugge.
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