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© Gerald Kurdian

House of Lux is a Ghent-based drag collective with core members Mauve Lux, Krietjur, Susan from Grindr and Electra and a pool of queer creatives surrounding them. Not only do the House of Lux queens give a voice and stage to themselves, they also share the platform with other queer, glamour and identity-mingling artists. In their lip-sync performances they mix references to popular culture with personal and often politically charged messages, while always creating fierce and energetic as well as entertaining and visually pleasing experiences – all ideally concluded with a party. 

During Night Shift, the queens inhabit the world under the main stage. Somewhere between a backstage and an underground boudoir, this antechamber functions as the space where performers get ready, quickly alter something and gently unwind. Concisely, the audience is given an ephemeral glimpse into the belly of this beast. For the performances on stage, the queens are joined by several invited drag performers to collectively transfigure the opera into a high-heeled, cinched-in queer fantasy.


House of Lux
Mauve Lux, Krietjur, Susan from Grindr and Electra 

Guest performers
Demi Blanche, Tigette and Diablo Kahlo