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Decoratelier is an accessible workplace for artists that provides space for stage designers as well as audiences, cross-disciplinary collaborations and spatial experiments. Decoratelier is currently located at Manchesterstraat in Brussels, where they created a public space as a platform for an urban network of artists and small nomadic organisations in the courtyard last summer.

The scenography at Night Shift comprises two round shapes that define spaces within several existing spaces of the opera. In the peristyle, a liminal space connecting the inside with the outside, a circular structure emerges on which the audience can take place. The grand auditorium is given other dimensions by placing a round stage on the parterre. Both structures renegotiate the scope, lines of vision and positioning within the opera. In doing so, they offer manageable spaces for the participating collectives to play with.


Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde 

Vic Van den Bossche, Willem Rys, Zohir Boumelha and Koen Schetske