01.06.17 — 30.06.17
Naomi Kerkhove
Interne 6

1984°, Deinze
Master of Fine Arts and Multimedia Design (“activated space”)

During her residency at Gouvernement, Naomi Kerkhove will research the characteristics and preconditions of the activated space.

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intake interview

Describe briefly the path (whether artistic or not) you have followed so far.

My approach is one of creating and building different worlds.

These worlds are somewhere in between comics and reality.  They appeared in my own representations, short performances, drawings, stage settings and were the foundation of many collaborations. By working together with others, those worlds, that were mostly made out of textile, got enriched with other materials and moved to other places. Through creating and building, the role played by the audience in it got bigger and bigger. Creation coincides with a sense of wonder of the viewer and myself.

A main focus of my work is the activation of a space, physically and mentally.

How would you describe your work in terms of themes, style, techniques, …?

With a great sensitivity towards the world, poetical, slow, marvelling

What would you consider your most important  achievement (whether or not artistic) to date?

Unconditional love to all who’s precious to me.
My love for my work
Love for the world.

Who or what has been an inspiration to your work?

Travelling in my hometown and far beyond. The world, the way I look at it.

Which (art) disciplines other than the ones you’re familiar with, draw your attentention  or would you like to immerse yourself into?

Photography, sailing, sand drawing.

Describe what your focus will be during your residency in Gouvernement?

During this residency I want to work on movement and I’d like to outline the idea of a movement in time.
‘drawing in a space’, calculating, watching, watching a lot, observing my own drawings, talking about drawing.

Inviting people who do the same thing.

In which circumstances or environment would you consider yourself at your most creative?

with open doors,
listening to music with headphones
or just simply with the radio on.

How does the approach of “INTERNEN” appeal to you specifically?

The people
The place
The expectation that is non-existent
Possibilities, just like that.

What do you expect from a residency in terms of personal artistic development and in terms of guidance and support?

Learning to play again, without expecting anything
Playing for the sake of playing
Being away from my atelier, finding fellow players.

Who (close by/far away, realistic/utopic, living/dead) is granted lifetime membership to your ultimate (secret) society?

Downright seekers, triers and ‘not-knowers’ who dare, make and care.